Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Gay Debate: Reason vs. Hate

The Future.

Watch as Anthony Ozimic takes on three gay "marriage" advocates. You'll see how his calm, reasoned approach in defending traditional marriage is met with the huffing and puffing and hate of the far left. He clearly has them flummoxed. His interlocutors try to pin him down with hackneyed talking points and lines of attack, but his calm retorts deflect each assault. This is so typical of the militant gay "rights" movement. When debating, immediately discredit the opposition with a torrent of venomous, tried and tested epithets and innuendo.

Even though Ozimic clearly wins the debate, you can't help but feel sorry for him, as he's so viciously attacked by the incoherent morons he faces. He seems like a genuinely kind, soft-spoken man and is met with utter contempt and condescension. That said, it is somewhat humorous watching glitteringly stupid people desperately try to act smart. Take note of the blond grown-up bobby-soxer.

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