Friday, January 04, 2013

Really not so bad?

"Contraception" sounds mildly bad.  "Abortifacient drug" sounds much worse.  And that makes sense.  Preventing conception is different from killing a human being after it is conceived.  One is an offense against the marriage bond.  The other is an offense against the marriage bond and against the newly formed human being.

The "pill" is contraception--a standard form of contraception.  But what people don't realize is that it is also an abortifacient.  People don't realize that the "pill" often kills a newly formed human.

The "pill" contains estrogen to suppress ovulation.  Early in its history it contained a lot of estrogen, and, as a consequence, it was very effective in preventing ovulation.  The "pill," however, had some serious side effects, like blood clotting.  So they reduced the amount of estrogen.  And now the "pill" often fails to suppress ovulation.

But it still keeps you from getting pregnant, right?  Not really.  What happens is this.  The "pill" contains synthetic progesterone in addition to estrogen.  It ensures that the lining of the uterus will be inhospitable.  So when a human being is conceived, it cannot implant, and it dies.

The most standard form of "contraception" turns out to be, occasionally if not often, an abortion.  What a sad thing.  What a tragedy.

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