Saturday, January 05, 2013

On Life

Last week this amazing photo went viral (to employ a hackneyed expression). What would President Obama, the abortion president, say about this tiny hand reaching out to grasp hold of something, anything?

I think the image, and its wide circulation in the secular media, demonstrate that we are, however slowly, winning the war on abortion. Science is clearly on our side. (Although the fight against contraception, which Joseph limned so clearly in the previous post, remains daunting. While deeply related, contraception is often divorced from abortion, even by the pro-lifers.)

With the atrocities of Hitler, WWII and Stalin growing more distant, there is a dangerous tendency to think that our enlightened society will never again allow such horrors to surface. It allows us to feel good about ourselves. We are morally superior to generations past. That arrogance opened the door to blindness. It is common, when discussing those early twentieth-century nightmares, to hear, "That really wasn't that long ago, how could people have turned a blind eye to such a naked evil as the holocaust?" It is a good question. It is a mystery.

With abortion, I hope and pray that one day we come to a similar, unanimous revulsion. Before that however, the iron-willed mechanisms of denial, greased heavily by pride, will do all they can to convince people that this macabre procedure is a constitutional "right" to defend. That is where we are today. Confronted by striking images like the one here, the guilt weighing on those who have fought so hard to keep abortion legal will be so great that denial of epic proportions will be the only way to escape total despair. So instead of seeking absolution, which is hard to do when personal sin is denied, they will dig their heels in. Our job is to convince those who, by the grace of God, open a small window to their soul so that the light of truth and humility can shine in.

Read the story behind the photo here.

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