Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Newt on Gun Control

This is excellent. Newt Gingrich at his best, that is to say, calling out and embarrassing liberal pundits.

"If gun control works, then Chicago ought to be safe." 

I have to say that it's been sad to hear some of the US bishops get on the gun control bandwagon. It's an emotional reaction that isn't rooted in any rational thought. I just love Newt's point here about Chicago, a war zone of a city, where all of these allegedly terrible weapons are already verboten. How many homicides last year? Newt just eviscerates the liberal talking points with a simple fact. Bishops should stick to the transcendent moral issues of the day (abortion, marriage, the culture war, etc.), not to mention catechizing an impoverished flock, and leave the gun issue alone.

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