Monday, January 21, 2013

One way to look at it

The second half of a nightmare begins today. Sounds bad, but we could instead say that the glass is half-empty. The end is in sight. It's the best I can come up with to describe this unmitigated disaster, this political, moral and national embarrassment.

News reports are in: Obama went for the jugular today in his petty address. He intends to push an even more aggressively liberal agenda this go-around. Thank God that the Republicans control the House. Still, I cannot help wondering when our side will take off the gloves and finally take Obama head on?

After this catastrophe, if the GOP ever again nominates a moderate Republican who takes a soft-gloves approach to combating liberals, especially during one-on-one debates, I'm relocating to Malta. As for going forward, we need to look outside the status quo for a leader. I've been very impressed with Senator Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio is, of course, reliable. I'm also not ruling out some of our fantastic governors, like Nikki Haley, Scott Walker, etc. In any event, the DC-east coast, "working across the aisle" type of Republican is done. Over. Dead. Finished.

We could learn something from Obama here. When it comes to politics and dealing with one's opposition, delenda est Carthago. No mercy.

Earlier I was wondering if ever the day will come when we look back with utter shame and dismay that a man such as this was actually elected, not once, but twice. I concluded that yes, if we ever get to the point when we collectively see and reject abortion for the unrivaled evil that it truly is, then the Obama presidency will be viewed as a sad, dark blemish on our nation's history.

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