Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boehner: Obama wants to "annihilate" GOP

This is obvious and frightening. There's been much talk of late about Obama seeking to be the anti-Reagan, in terms of permanently realigning America on a liberal trajectory. It's heartening that the Speaker of the House gets it, and isn't living in a McCain/Christie/and, to a certain extent, Romney dream world of "reaching across the aisle."

Predictably, Obama's spokesman today rejected the claim, and offered the de rigueur appeals to compromise and working together. (Note that their favorite moniker now to define Republicans is "absolutist" which is to say, intolerant, narrow-minded, stupid, etc.)

What Obama and his minions are no doubt trying to do is annihilate the Republican Party by redefining it. They know that they will never be able to get rid of it altogether, but what they can do is co-opt the Party by marginalizing the core tenets of conservatism, portraying these views as "extreme" and out of the mainstream. In other words, in the essential things, make the Republicans like Democrats. Force Republicans to shun the conservative base for fear of being labeled "absolutist" and "extreme" and then get them to take up liberal-lite positions.

This is the classic Obama-Alinsky strategy: use the bully pulpit to isolate and preempt the opposition by defining them as crazy, irrational, extreme and so on. This, in turn, allows Obama to play the role of the mature adult, the reasonable, middle of the road guy. In dealing with his enemies, Obama, in a sort of Hegelian dialectic, creates false extremes, spins false narratives, and straw-man arguments, all of which he then pins to his opposition, while positioning himself to occupy the happy middle. This becomes infinitely easier to do with a sycophantic media helping you along and protecting you.

What is a good sign is that the leader of the Republican Party seems to be onto Obama. For far too long, Republicans (Bush I, Bush II, McCain, Romney, etc.) played with kid gloves, inexplicably thinking Democrats incapable of resorting to such cut-throat tactics.

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