Monday, January 21, 2013

Catholic Education in Milwaukee

Saint Joan Antida, a popular all-girls archdiocesan high school in Milwaukee, is hosting An Evening with John McGivern on Saturday, January 26. Read about it here on the school's website.

Now, for those of you who don't know, Mr. McGivern is a well-known local celebrity/retread, who is also a practicing homosexual. He gains a lot of milage on the comedy circuit making light of the gay lifestyle. Read more about his work here. I'll provide an excerpt from the On Milwaukee piece:
He was last seen on television on HBO in the all-gay special, "We're Funny That Way," a comedy documentary filmed in Toronto at the world's largest gay and lesbian comedy festival. He's also seen in "Out There II," the all-gay comedy special on Comedy Central.
And here's a Q&A excerpt from, ah, The Rainbow Times:

 Q. Speaking of family issues, that also happens to be a topic discussed on the campaign trail this year, regardless of which side of the fence you are on. Grant it, “family issues” for one side can be termed differently for the other. How do you think this election will shape the future of “family issues”? 
 A. There will always be a divide. I am a 57 year-old gay man who has been with the same partner for 10 years. Steve and I are a family. My vote may change law but opinion is changed through knowledge. Those who know Steve and I can’t deny that we are a family.

So my simple question: Why is a Catholic school giving a platform to a guy like this? Much of the homosexual movement's success in America has come through the entertainment industry's efforts to normalize the behavior by making it seem ordinary and even cool. McGivern, in his own campy, has-been way, has a role to play in this.

What an utter disgrace, and a dismal reflection on the state of mainstream Catholic education.

Let's rise, people.

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