Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Case for Paul Ryan

A recurring theme here. From The Washington Post:
* The ideas guy: Republicans have struggled to beat back the growing perception that they lack new ideas and, as a result, have premised their whole existence on simply opposing whatever President Obama proposes. (The Post’s Ezra Klein made the case in a recent post that there is a major policy gap between President Obama and Romney.)

Picking Ryan would immediately change that perception — or at least start to erode it. Like his proposals or not, it’s clear that in his budget blueprints, Ryan has proposed a conservative full world-view that makes tough choices — re-making Medicare, for one — that offers voters a genuine policy alternative to what President Obama has done over the past four years.

For those in the party — led by Wisconsin governor Scott Walke r — who have been urging Romney to lay out a positive policy vision for the country, picking Ryan would be regarded as a master stroke.

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