Saturday, August 18, 2012

Change in Policy

From ABC News:
A recent spate of deadly attacks by Afghan forces on U.S. troops has prompted the U.S. military in Afghanistan to change its policy on arming its members, ordering that service members now be armed at all times, inside and outside their bases.

In the most recent “green on blue” attack, an Afghan policeman turned his weapon on U.S. troops Friday, killing two soldiers.

This is just the latest in a deadly two-week span for U.S. forces, ABC’s Muhammad Lila reports. Nineteen U.S. troops and one aid worker have been killed in Taliban attacks in the past two weeks, nine of them shot to death in cold blood by rogue Afghan soldiers or policemen.

Only now can soldiers arm themselves inside bases? Just doesn't sound right to me. Why has it taken this long?

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