Monday, August 13, 2012

Rethinking the Catholic Vote

This time, getting it right.

From Politico:
DUBUQUE, Iowa — No one doubted the Roman Catholic vote would be up for grabs in November, even before Mitt Romney named Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Now, the selection of Ryan, the first Catholic ever nominated for national office by Republicans, all but guarantees a fierce election-year fight for the affections of Catholic voters — or more specifically, white Catholics, who form the bulk of the Catholic vote here in this corner of Iowa and across the Rust Belt. ...

It will be a battle to convince on-the-fence Catholics to side with Romney and Ryan. Still, I expect a big shift in the Catholic vote in the aftermath of the oppressive HHS mandate, the poor economy, and, more positively, Paul Ryan's natural appeal. We'll see a definite improvement from 2008. I am hoping that Catholic leadership, from the bishops down to the parish pastors, get their act together and are absolutely clear to the faithful about the obligations of Catholic voters. No vague statements, no hedging, no ambiguity, but crystal clear clarity. We shall see...

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