Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obama's World of Abortion

Who is the real 'extremist' on the question of abortion? From the editors of National Review Online:
The press, now busy drawing out possible logical implications of bills Paul Ryan has sponsored, has never conveyed the facts about Obama’s votes and statements on abortion. As a state legislator he opposed giving infants who survive abortion legal protection, on the theory that giving them protection might undermine the sacred holding of Roe. The press fell for every one of the 2008 Obama campaign’s conflicting attempts to explain away his stance.

Obama opposed a ban on partial-birth abortion that most Americans and even many Democratic legislators favored; he believed the Court should not allow it. During his campaign he explained that he believed that abortion should receive taxpayer funding — another fact that the press has kept well hidden.

It goes on and on...

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  1. Obama loves Obama. He and Adam and Eve all think they trump God!!! Outrageous!