Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan the Catholic

Something else to consider: Paul Ryan, a faithful Catholic, is the answer to the sickening Joe Biden-Nancy Pelosi brand of faux Catholicism so dominant in this country. Catholics should be proud of this moment.

An interesting article from CNN:
Mitt Romney's selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate promises to cast a spotlight on American Catholicism in an election year when the tradition has already been a major focus.

Ryan, a Catholic who chairs the House Budget Committee, is better known for his outspoken fiscal conservatism than for leading on conservative Catholic social causes like opposing abortion and gay marriage.

But Ryan's advocacy for cutting taxes and trimming the deficit - he is the architect of the GOP's proposed federal budget - married with his willingness to talk about fiscal belt-tightening in moral terms and his low-key social conservatism speak to a political moment in which the economic concerns of the Tea Party and the social focus of the Christian right have merged into a relatively cohesive anti-Obama movement.

At the same time, Ryan's presence on the ticket could increase Romney's appeal among the millions of middle-of-the-road Catholic voters who populate key swing states, like Ohio and Pennsylvania. Catholics are considered the quintessential swing vote, and no presidential candidate has won the White House without winning Catholics since at least the early 1990s.

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