Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dolan Attempts to Explain Invite

Read more about Cardinal Dolan's explanation for inviting President Obama, the most pro-abortion, pro-gay "marriage" pro-pretty much everything the Church opposes president in American history, to the famous, glitzy Alfred E. Smith Dinner here. I'm not buying it, for what it's worth. You can judge for yourself, but I think it's odd and ironic that this allegedly media-savvy prelate fails to see how confusing and scandalous it will come across to so many American Catholics, who are already so deeply divided on morality, to see images of the most prominent Cardinal in the United States yucking it up with Obama at a ritzy New York event. Here's a tip: Images are very powerful and their impact can resonate far and wide.

Obama, better than most in Washington, knows how to play these kinds of events to his advantage. He is pure Machiavellian, and to think that he's not planning to use this appearance with Dolan for purely political purposes is utterly naive and foolish. Think back on the Notre Dame scandal. No doubt, Obama's dinner oration, given a few feet away from the attentive Cardinal, will be aimed at on-the-fence Catholics in this nation. He will, like he always does, use his silver tongue to schmooze Dolan and anyone watching. He'll attempt to blur the line with his choicest "social justice" rhetoric. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries a subtle attack on Paul Ryan and his medicare plan. (By the way, Obama has recently taken to criticizing Paul Ryan, specifically for his staunch opposition to abortion! So let's invite this guy to dinner, right?) Why doesn't the Cardinal see this? The image of the gregarious Cardinal, slapping the pro-abort. prez. on the back amidst glasses of fine wine and the crème de la crème of New York, will be too much to bear.

My advice: Tune it out. Dolan should give Obama's invite to Paul Ryan and his family.

Disappointing, but not in the least surprising.

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