Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Parish Life in Milwaukee

I came across the website for Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Milwaukee. Check this out. On the page that breaks down different ways YOU TOO can participate in liturgical life, you'll find:

Eucharistic Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers distribute the bread and wine at Communion and should have a sense of hospitality and care for people. A formal schedule is prepared; Additional training is also available by calling the contact person.

Bread Baker
This ministry prepares and bakes our bread for use in all liturgies at IHM. Members prepare the special recipe and bake it in their own homes. If you like to bake, and want to share your gift with the IHM community, please call the contact person for specific information.

Liturgical Movement
The ministry of Liturgical movement may include the procession of incense, banners, and candles, as well as liturgical gestures and dance. Ministers are usually contacted for specific liturgies and seasons. Training is available.

Of course, the first is the most offensive. Is this how we talk about the Blessed Sacrament? No wonder there is a crisis of faith in this country. So sad. Reason One on a long list explaining why I attend the Tridentine Mass.

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