Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Population: More Is Better

Plenty of room

Dr. Robert Zurbin wrote a concise, in-depth study on the manifold benefits of population booms in his piece appearing in National Review Online. He provides ample ammunition against the fear-mongoring left that constantly howls about the perils of more people on the planet, and the subsequent need to practically airdrop birth control en mass over large swaths of the third world.
Human beings, on average, are creators, not destroyers. Each human life, on average, contributes towards improving the conditions of human life. This must be so, or our species would long since have disappeared. We live as well as we do today because so many people lived in the past and made innumerable contributions, big and small, toward building the global civilization that we enjoy. If there had been fewer of them, we today would be poorer. If we accept the Malthusians’ advice, and act to reduce the world’s population, we will not only commit a crime against the present, but impoverish the future by denying it the contributions those missing people could have made.

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