Friday, November 18, 2011

Conservative Revenge

The Socialist reign of terror in Spain is about to see its curtain call. From the Telegraph:
Spain fears for turning back clock on liberal reforms
Spain's conservatives are poised to be swept to power on Sunday on the back of economic turmoil, sparking fears the vote could turn back the clock on seven years of liberal reforms.

Polls predict a landslide win for Mariano Rajoy's Popular Party after a week that has seen Spain's borrowing costs soar to record levels raising fears that Spain could become the next victim of Europe's debt crisis.

Economic woes have dominated the campaign with the likely new leader pledging to restore the confidence of jittery financial markets and boost business, but little has been said of what other changes are afoot.

The socialists are being punished for their handling of the economic crisis that saw Spain lurch from boom to bust and unemployment soar to 22 per cent – twice the EU average – overshadowing their record of social reforms that has transformed the traditionally Roman Catholic country.

Since coming to power in 2004, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has enacted radical social reforms that would once have been unthinkable [in] Spain – legalising gay marriages, relaxing divorce laws and reforming the abortion law.

Let's hope that the conservatives move quickly to roll back Zapatero's legacy.

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