Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas in Wisconsin

The greatest governor in the United States continues to send liberals into apoplexy. What is most edifying about Scott Walker is his utter fearlessness. He simply does not care what the left thinks about him. Walker's polished, Boy Scout image makes his most vocal critics come across as unhinged, truly non compos mentis. From the Associated Press:
MADISON — First, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took on public sector unions.

Now he’s re-igniting the Christmas wars.

Walker said Monday that the evergreen decorated with ornaments and adorned with a star in the center of Wisconsin’s Capitol Rotunda is a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree as it’s been called for the past 25 years.

The roughly 30-foot-tall tree was called a Christmas tree from the first display in 1916 until 1985. That’s when politicians bowed to concerns about government endorsing religion and started referring to it as a holiday tree.

And oh, how the left is angry about this one. Read on.

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