Wednesday, November 02, 2011

On Feminism

Sometimes, a very serious subject can betray singular moments of humor, or rather, of sheer ridiculousness that compel us to laugh. For a good guffaw, listen to Helen Reddy coo her classic, "I Am Woman" tune and you'll get a sense of the zeitgeist of 1960s and 70s feminism. Staying on the topic of feminism, and bringing things back to the level of serious, check out this excellent piece by Dennis Prager on the four scourges wrought by feminism, appearing in National Review Online. Number four stands out, as it actually pertains to men.
...the fourth awful legacy of feminism has been the demasculinization of men. For all of higher civilization’s recorded history, becoming a man was defined overwhelmingly as taking responsibility for a family. That notion — indeed the notion of masculinity itself — is regarded by feminism as the worst of sins: patriarchy.

Men need a role, or they become, as the title of George Gilder’s classic book on single men describes them: Naked Nomads. In little more than a generation, feminism has obliterated roles. If you wonder why so many men choose not to get married, the answer lies in large part in the contemporary devaluation of the husband and of the father — of men as men, in other words. Most men want to be honored in some way — as a husband, a father, a provider, as an accomplished something; they don’t want merely to be “equal partners” with a wife.

The other three are worth reading as well.

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