Sunday, April 28, 2013

Send in the clowns

Embarrassing. Even apart from the grave moral evil represented here, everything about this picture is awful. Just awful. 

 From NBC News: Kentucky woman ordained as priest by dissident Roman Catholics

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  1. So according to this article 70 percent of Catholics think that women should be ordained priests? Wow.

    But you do have to admit that, once you acknowledge that women should be in every other professional field, it does seem rather arbitrary to prohibit them from the priesthood. If sex roles do not extend to professional life in general, then we should expect people to be in favor of women priests. There's no getting around that. Even with very good catechesis, there's no getting around that.

    And as we continue to place women in semi-clerical roles within the Church (like chancellor, ministry office head, pastoral associate, etc.), the confusion about sex and the priesthood will only get worse. We're reinforcing vocational androgyny. But that's just the problem. If you accept vocational androgyny, then there's only one reasonable conclusion for Catholics to make. And there're making it: the male-only priesthood really is baseless, unreasonable, and a sign of lingering, unjustified animosity towards women.