Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Selfish Massacre, So Easily Stopped

Some people acknowledge that a fetus is a person and has rights, but that abortion is still OK.  They say that women don't usually intend to get pregnant; women do not intend the children they conceive to take up abode in their wombs.  And, because women own their bodies, and their children are mere uninvited parasites, they are perfectly within their rights to kill their children.

On this picture, however, we know, as a society, that every year numerous children must die as a reliable consequence of our actions.  We know that we are having sex when we don't want kids.  We know that our birth control will fail some of the time.  And we know that we will kill the children that we, as a nation, inevitably conceive.  So, as a nation, we are able to predict that every year we will create and kill a certain number of children.  The number is somewhere around 1.3 million.

If we as Americans are expecting to conceive and kill 1.3 milion children every year, then shouldn't we do something to prevent that from happening?  Here is the most straight-forward and effective of solutions: we can refrain from having sex until we are ready to have kids.  Why not refrain?  Is it really worth killing 1.3 million kids just so we can have sex for one year without being troubled with consequences?  Why is that not totally selfish and wrong?  All that we need to do in order to prevent the massacre of a million plus children per year is to be a little less selfish about sex and wait.  We know that people can wait.  It used to be the norm.  Why do so many children have to die so that we can have sex whenever we want?  We, as a nation, could prevent the deaths of so many, we could prevent a holocaust.  And the way is so simple: a little self-control.     

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