Monday, April 29, 2013

Abortion "House of Horrors" in Spotlight

From The Lookout:
Anti-abortion movement seeks new laws with Gosnell trial 
Anti-abortion activists are harnessing the outrage generated over the trial of a Philadelphia abortion doctor to pressure lawmakers to pass more restrictive abortion laws. 
The activists say the trial of 72-year-old Kermit Gosnell, which concludes Monday as attorneys on both sides make their closing arguments, shows that late-term abortions are inhumane and unsafe and should be banned. 
Gosnell is charged with murder in the deaths of four babies who were born alive after abortion procedures (he is alleged to have cut their spinal cords) and in the death of a woman who died of a drug overdose he allegedly administered. 
Gosnell faces other charges, including violating Pennsylvania's law against performing abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy; violating a state law requiring a 24-hour waiting period for patients before obtaining an abortion; and of endangering child welfare by employing a 15-year-old in the clinic, which investigators labeled a "house of horrors." 
Abortion foes say Gosnell's crimes are representative of larger abuses in late-term abortion clinics, while abortion rights advocates say he is a criminal outlier who would not have been stopped by more regulations. ...
No, you've gotta tweak that a bit. "Abortion foes say Gosnell's crimes are representative of abortion clinics..."

Watching the media tiptoe around this trial is astonishing. The elephant in the room is clear even to the most intransigent liberal. Whether in Gosnell's clinic or in a Planned Parenthood clinic, the end result is the same: a dead, mutilated baby. It's not rocket science. It's an all-too-real horror story, and our President is America's most conspicuous defender of the deadly deed.

For a man who is so fond of singling out helpless victims, whipping up a press conference and manipulating the victims and the emotions of the nation for a purely political end, it's shameful that, on this issue, he opts to fire up the crowds at Planned Parenthood's powwow, as innocent lives are being snuffed out by the millions in a holocaust. I've often said that if the unborn could vote, Obama and his allies would be their biggest, most vocal defenders. But since they are utterly helpless and unable to voice their pain, Obama could simply care less about them. Think about that. Obama casts himself as the defender of the "little guy" and frequently cites the Golden Rule as the guiding principle of his social agenda, and yet he pushes the slaughter of babies. The unborn are of no use whatsoever to Obama, so he's totally okay with their deaths. Could there be anything more revolting, more sickening. Obama needs repentance. Otherwise, the words of Jefferson come to mind:

"I tremble for my country when I consider that God is just, that his justice will not sleep forever."

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