Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rep. King: End the reign of political correctness

From Politico:
Rep. Peter King is calling for greater law enforcement focus on Muslim communities, arguing that authorities should put aside what is “politically correct” and recognize that America faces major threats from Islamic terrorism. 
“Obviously the main international base, the terrorist threats are coming from the Muslim community,” King (R-N.Y.) told POLITICO on Saturday. "There have been 16 terror plots against New York [since Sept. 11, 2001], all Islamist-based. We’re at war with Islamic terrorism. It’s coming from people within the Muslim community by the terrorists coming from that community, just like the mafia comes from Italian communities.”
This isn't even controversial. At least, it shouldn't be. It's simply a fact. Watch the left go into attack mode...not against the real threat, but against King and those of us who think like him.

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