Saturday, April 20, 2013

America's Selective Abhorrence

Mark Steyn nails it once again as he reviews the grisly week we just put behind us. Here's an excerpt of the piece, appearing in the National Review:
In America, all atrocities are not equal: Minutes after the Senate declined to support so-called gun control in the wake of the Newtown massacre, the president rushed ill-advisedly on air to give a whiny, petulant performance predicated on the proposition that one man’s mass infanticide should call into question the constitutional right to bear arms. Simultaneously, the media remain terrified that another man’s mass infanticide might lead you gullible rubes to question the constitutional right to abortion, so the ongoing Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia has barely made the papers — even though it involves large numbers of fully delivered babies who were decapitated and had their feet chopped off and kept in pickling jars. Which would normally be enough to guarantee a perpetrator front-page coverage for weeks on end. In the most recent testimony, one of the “clinic”’s “nurses” testified that she saw a baby delivered into the toilet, where his little arms and feet flapped around as if trying to swim to safety. Then another “women’s health worker” reached in and, in the procedure’s preferred euphemism, “snipped” the baby’s neck — i.e., severed his spinal column. “Doctor” Gosnell seems likely to prove America’s all-time champion mass murderer. But his victims are ideologically problematic for the media, and so the poor blood-soaked monster will never get his moment in the spotlight.
We have to keep the spotlight on this Gosnell trial, or rather, force/shame the media into covering the ongoing events. It is truly macabre, and it exposes the naked, diabolical ugliness of the abortion machine. It is not surprising that we are not witnessing President Obama presiding at a press conference, deploring the horrors of this so-called doctor's Office of Death. It's what makes Obama's sanctimonious spittle fits of moral outrage over the failure of his precious anti-gun legislation so transparently phony and revolting. While campaigning for the bill's passage a couple of weeks ago, he said something like, "Let's make it a little bit harder for our kids to get gunned down." Okay, not the most presidential expression I've ever heard. By the way, there are few things more maddening to me than listening to liberals celebrate the 'right' to abortion on Monday, and then on Tuesday lecture us from on high about the importance of protecting the children, via some big-government policy, of course.

Mr. President, look at what's going on in Philly. Look at the policies you have supported over the years: abortion, partial-birth abortion, and yes, even infanticide for a baby that survives abortion. Obama is the one with blood on his hands. Just last week during an interview, the reporter brought up the Gosnell trial. Clearly uncomfortable with the subject, Obama cooly refrained from delving into the details of the case, and moved on to the next question. There was no expression of passion, horror, outrage, anger, the likes of which we regularly see when the man is talking about gun-control or some other cherished liberal policy. I'm convinced that deep down, he has a burning sense of guilt over what he's done.

Again, let's keep the media accountable. Every single conservative blogger should be writing about this on their sites. We cannot let the details of this trial be swept under the rug by the liberals and media! They are desperately hoping that they can keep this out of the public's eye, and they are using all their skills to do so. I heard someone on the radio the other day speculate that if what took place at Gosnell's clinic had happened to dogs instead of unborn children, the collective media and liberal outrage would be explosive. So true. So sad.

I'm convinced that large-scale exposure of this scandal could represent a significant turning point in the U.S. and beyond for the fight against abortion.

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