Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bad Advice

Scott Brown, exit stage right

Recently defeated pro-choice Republican Scott Brown is dispensing with advice on how the GOP can remain relevant. Are you ready? This metamorphosis involves, not surprisingly, Republicans embracing abortion, and other "moderate" stances on issues like gay "marriage," and so on. That's the ticket to electoral success, coming from a politico who just had his clock cleaned.

From Politico:
“We need to be a larger tent party,” he [Brown] said. “I’m a pro-choice, moderate Republican. There’s a vanishing breed here, we know that now.” 
“I’m hopeful we’ll be a more tolerant, open-minded party,” he added. “I plan to continue to play a role of some sort but I don’t know what yet, but I know I’ve been very happy to be here.” 
He cited other moderate senators in both parties that are leaving Congress as well – a list that includes Democrats Joe Lieberman and Kent Conrad and Republicans Richard Lugar and Olympia Snowe. 
“The group in the middle, it’s vanishing,” Brown said.
This is rich. A pro-abortion Republican, who just lost an election and is on his way out the door, is issuing dire warnings about, what exactly? "Vanishing."

The "You Republicans had better tack to the center, or else" line has got to be one of the biggest myths and hackneyed lines out there, and it's perpetuated continuously by liberal Republicans who, by the way, lose elections and, of course, the media. When Democrats lose, do we ever hear about the need for them to come to the center? To become more pro-life?

Yes, Brown-conquerer Elizabeth Warren (who from time to time thinks she's a Native American) is a joke and total embarrassment. That is beyond question. She is a socialist who will do nothing but harm from her new perch of power, but at least she's clearly aligned with the other side. Politicians like Brown, poisoning the wells from the inside, are more dangerous to our Party. Winnowing them from our ranks can't be considered a bad thing at all.

To borrow from Jefferson, "Good riddance to bad wear."

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