Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bright Future

Yes, it is bad. As Peggy Noonan said last night, two billion dollars spent, and we're just where we were the day before the election: a divided government, stalemate.

But think of this:

- The Republicans still control the legislature. Not to be overlooked. Obama is a lame duck. Last night, John Boehner called his House the "last line of defense" against Obama. He is right, and I don't expect his members to give Obama an inch in the coming two years.

- If Republicans play their cards correctly, they could come back at the midterms in two years, padding their majority in the house and maybe, just maybe, take back the Senate, which seems to be a Gordian knot for Republicans lately... From now on, we'll have to take major advantage of midterm/off-year elections, when the Democratic base largely seems to tune out. Quietly, the GOP can go about adding to its numbers.

- Pelosi's term as a leader in Congress is likely over. Dems. are furious that poor planning on her part saw them lose their chance to take back the House of Representatives. (Imagine that nightmare scenario!)

- The Republicans control a majority of the governorships and, I believe, state legislatures in the nation. These states need to become redoubts of conservatism, filtering out, as best they can, federal advances.

- Fast-forward. Two words: Paul Ryan, President.

- Fast-forward. Two words: Marco Rubio Vice President. See below.

- After Obama, the Democrats will be leaderless. Joe Biden? Seriously? Mark my words, Benghazi will destroy any chance Hillary Clinton will have of running at the national level. The Democrats have ensured that their Party IS Barack Obama. Obama's narcissism and the nauseating, sycophantic cult of personality that shadows him only fuels this phenomenon. Once he runs his course (painful it will be) and can no longer run again, the Democrats will be totally adrift. Meanwhile, the GOP boasts an incredible amount of talent that will fully blossom in four years: Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, and a host of amazing, young, attractive governors. We saw a hint of this Republican time-bomb at the GOP convention this past summer.

- Benghazi. This scandal will only expand.

- Sadly, things will get worse for the economy, but the Democrats will bear full blame for this next time, paving the way for a conservative wave.

Be of good cheer!

I'll try to add to this list.

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