Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Responding to the Scott Browns out there

Nile Gardiner, writing for the Telegraph, offers a great rebuttal to those calling on the Republican Party to shift on the fundamentals.
Despite Romney’s defeat, the Right in America remains strong. There is no need for panic, or the adoption of short-term solutions that will weaken conservatism in the long-run. There is nothing wrong with the conservative brand itself, clearly demonstrated by the Republicans’ continuing dominance of the House of Representatives, as well as their 30 Governorships across the country (compared to 19 for the Democrats). The Republicans also possess a remarkably strong bench for the 2016 race, from Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush in Florida to Bobby Jindal in Louisiana and Susana Martinez in New Mexico, as well as Paul Ryan in Wisconsin. This is not a party on the ropes, but one which retains great strength in depth, and the intellectual rigour to develop bold new ideas that advance the cause of freedom in America. Indeed, the conservative movement as a whole will only grow in opposition to the second-term policies of Obama’s imperial White House. As Obama advances his “transformational” presidency, it will be up to American conservatives to ensure that the flame of economic freedom and individual liberty is kept alive in the world’s only superpower.

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