Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poster Nun for Liberals

Check out this hilarious article/video from CBS:
(CBS News) Sister Maureen Fiedler, host of the public radio program "Interfaith Voices," calls looming moves by the Roman Catholic Church toward a group of American nuns a "hostile takeover."

The moves would follow an accusatory mandate last month

Fiedler, who has been an activist for social justice and racial and gender equality for more than three decades, said on "CBS This Morning," "(The Church leaders) say in their mandate that they're going to send in an archbishop and two bishops who will work with the nuns in order to - get this - revise their statutes, their handbook, their plans and programs, their conferences, their speakers, everything. If this were the corporate world, I think we would call it a 'hostile takeover.'"

The article, and Sister Maureen Fielder, go downhill from there. Striking a JCPenney-inspired lay pose, Sister Maureen is in a tizzy over the Vatican's completely legitimate concern regarding the direction of many female religious orders in the United States. She unwittingly proves the Vatican's point. And for that, we thank you, Sister. Without even knowing it, Sister Fielder is a walking cliché, a paragon of what is wrong with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the renegade band of nuns, ever giddy to coquet with leftist, Hallmark Card social justice issues, while giving short shrift to Church doctrine.

Nuns like Sister Maureen love to spin all kinds of empty talking points about what they think Vatican II was all about. I think this modus operandi is intentional. One of the great successes that liberals in the Church have achieved over the past several decades is the creation and perpetuation of a phony, parallel legacy of Vatican II that doesn't at all jibe with what the real Council actually said. They use the protection of the "Spirit of Vatican II" to cover their rogue agenda and dissidence. They believe that if they just keep peddling a line about Vatican II over and over, regardless of its accuracy, conventional wisdom will eventually accept it as fact.

What really irks women like Sister Maureen is the knowledge that their mission, despite its initial successes, is clearly losing steam, just as their watered down religious orders, which embrace a pseudo-lay lifestyle, are dying off. Meanwhile, and this really sticks in their craw, traditional orders that actually embrace the vow of obedience (and the traditional habit) are flourishing, as vibrant young women seeking a serious Catholic religious life and identity respond to God's call.

Nashville Dominican Sisters: young, serious, relevant and faithful

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