Monday, October 15, 2012

Bishops correct Biden, sort of...

The Catholic bishops were swift to correct Vice President Joe Biden's inaccurate remarks from the VP debate about the HHS mandate, which compels Catholic institutions to provide free contraceptives. This is encouraging.

On the other hand, and it must be said, I find it odd that the bishops immediately issued this corrective measure regarding an unjust government policy, which they have no direct control over, and yet remain silent on something they have total control over, i.e., Biden's standing in the Catholic Church. Given his abhorrent and scandalous record on abortion and gay "marriage," isn't it about time they start drawing clear lines by taking a firm stand against so-called Catholic politicians who repeatedly profess their Catholicism to the world, and yet are agents of grave scandal via their voting record? Only Biden's diocesan bishop can step in. So...where is he?

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