Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Another Obama Race Scandal?

Drudge is teasing with news of another scandalous Obama race video, to be aired later tonight on Fox News. Stay tuned. This could get hot.

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  1. Having seen the most controversial bits, I don't think this will make any significant waves. It's sad that the media will not treat this with the same investigative zealousness with which they pursue awkward videos of Republican gaffes, etc. Sad, but not in the least bit surprising. (Imagine the reaction if Romney was caught on video speaking in a fake accent like Obama and even Hillary Clinton. The level of pandering is utterly sickening.)

    The Wright controversy, of course, should have destroyed Obama's campaign in 2008, but the media circled the wagons around Obama and refused to look any further into the mess. It was, and still is, maddening to conservatives that Obama was able to walk away from this and, to add insult to injury, tied it off with a lecture to America on race relations.