Friday, October 26, 2012

Home Stretch: Obama Embraces Culture of Death

As numbers appear to be working against them, the president and his minions have decided to bet the house on making this election about death and pills. A sign of desperation? No doubt. From Politico:
This was supposed to be an election in which the economy dominated the debate, social issues took a backseat and the culture wars were put on hold. 
Yet in the homestretch of the 2012 campaign, abortion politics is coloring races up and down the ticket. 
And it’s by design. 
Democrats have gone all in for abortion rights, with none of the hedging or defensiveness they’ve shown in recent years — a subtle but striking repositioning with political consequences that extend far beyond Nov. 6.
This makes all their talk about being the "party for the little guy" nauseating.

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