Friday, March 22, 2013

Biden uses pope's homily to push political agenda

Reflecting on the homily given by Pope Francis at his installation Mass and a spontaneous meeting with religious sisters, Vice President Joe Biden offered the following reflection:
"In his homily, the pope said being human means respecting each of God's creatures, responding and respecting the environment in which we live. He said it means protecting people, showing love and concern for each other, every person, every child, elderly, those in need were often the last we think of and that's what in my experience being raised as a Catholic and educated by the nuns, that's what those, those lovely women I'm talking to symbolize to me. 
So I thought it was a good omen. "We are our brother's keeper. We have an obligation and I think that's the way, the only way we're going to make the world better and safer. 
"It translates at home with the simple things like making sure we fix the broken immigration system, making sure we make our neighborhoods safer by having rationale gun safety and international relations, reaching out and have war as the last option to protect our interests and so it was an exciting time..."
Of course, it doesn't mean protecting the unborn, right Joe?

This man is an embarrassment. Read the rest here.

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