Friday, March 22, 2013

Biden on NOT Kissing Pope's Ring

From the Associated Press:
VP Biden: Dignity trumps ring-kissing etiquette 
NEW YORK (AP) — Joe Biden doesn't kiss up to anyone — whether a queen or a pope. 
The vice president told a gathering of Irish-Americans in New York City on Thursday that as a young U.S. senator he was to meet the queen of England. 
He remembers getting a call from his mother, who told him not to kiss the queen's ring. 
Years later, when he was to meet Pope John Paul II, Biden says his mother told him not to kiss the pope's ring. 
Biden, a Roman Catholic descended from struggling Irish immigrants, says his dad said it was "all about dignity."
Thanks Mom! Who knew? Joe Biden is worried about his dignity! Funny though, because when it comes to his relationship with Barack Obama, there's something ole' Joe is perfectly comfortable kissing...

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