Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Passes for Serious Leaders Today

This is pretty pathetic, from The Washington Examiner:
It's already started. Getting a jump on the anticipated hype coming this week around the last Batman movie, "Dark Knight Rises," the Obama-Biden campaign has decided who they want their leading men to play: Batman and Robin.

In a tweet sent out Sunday, the campaign showed President Obama and Vice President Biden high-fiving under the headline "Dynamic Duo."

We reported on Monday that some Democrats and foes of Mitt Romney were looking to use the movie and its villain against the Republican candidate. It's an easy move because the bad guy has a name that sounds just like the main target of Obama and Biden, Bain Capital, the firm Romney used to run. The villain's name: "Bane."

Now, The Dark Knight Rises actually looks really interesting, but come on, tying Romney to a comic book villain? Is this the best Team Obama can do? Things must be pretty dire in Chicago's political counsels.

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