Thursday, July 05, 2012

Caravaggio's Return

From the Telegraph:
Italian art historians 'find 100 Caravaggio paintings'

The sketches and paintings, if proved to be authentic, would be worth an estimated 700 million euros (£560 million).

Experts said that after two years of rigorous analysis, they had found “remarkable similarities” between the newly-discovered works, kept in a castle in Milan, and the known works of Caravaggio.

But the announcement came out of the blue, caused an immediate storm in the art world and raised as many questions as it answered.

The historians apparently managed to keep their research a secret for two years, but on Friday their findings will be published in a lavish, two-volume, 600-page e-book in four languages.

The works are believed to date from Caravaggio’s earliest years as a painter, when he was a young apprentice under Simone Peterzano, a mannerist painter in Milan, from 1584 to 1588.

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