Monday, July 15, 2013

Manufactured Outrage

I just heard that, in the time between the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin, and Saturday's not guilty verdict for "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman, 513 African American youths have been murdered by other African Americans across America. No cries of "Justice!" and nation-wide street protests for those black Americans killed by fellow black Americans.

Black on black crime = silence from most of the black community and the mainstream media, "nothing to see here"

"White Hispanic" (or whatever) on black self-defense = de facto state-approved racism on a grand scale, call in the national media, ban all guns! If there's any "white" in the equation, look out.

What a double standard! This proves that all the outrage from the NAACP is nothing but a politically manufactured spectacle. It's a sad attempt to manipulate the death of an individual, and an entire segment of society for political ends. It's what liberals are so damn good at: exploitation and manipulation. In our low information age, it's no surprise that their modus operandi is so successful.

And did you hear Obama's self-serving counsel that we should "honor" Martin with gun regulation? What a disgrace! How about Obama calls for an end to the rampant ghetto-thug aura that has latched onto the black entertainment industry and has dominated the mentality of young African Americans for over a decade. That would put him at odds with his legion of rapper cronies and the millions of dollars they no doubt funnel into his political coffer. He's not a man of principle, folks.

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