Saturday, February 09, 2013

Three 'Parents'

The way this is reported, it's almost in a celebratory, 'Hey isn't this cool!' manner. It's simply the logical consequence of what we've been seeing for the past few years.

From ABC News:
Few people can say that they legally have three parents, but 23-month-old Emma Filippazzo will be able to after a Miami-Dade county judge signed off an an agreement that a lesbian couple and a gay man are all the parents of the child, stating it on her birth certificate. 
Hair stylist Massimilano Gerina of Miami Beach met lesbian couple Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzo in 2006 when they became clients of his, eventually building a strong friendship. Italiano and Filippazzo were trying to conceive and approached Gerina first in 2008 and then a second time in late 2009, to be the father of their baby.
And because it's 'legal,' because a judge says so, then it must be true, right? Ironically, pazzo in Italian means crazy. That sums it up about right.

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