Saturday, February 16, 2013

Benedict's 'Ground Up' Liturgical Restoration

Damian Thompson, writing for the Telegraph, offers a spot-on insight into Pope Benedict XVI's liturgical reformation, and how it is being fueled. Reflecting on the Holy Father's 2010 visit to the U.K., he writes:
Also, Benedict tackled the huge task of restoring beauty to worship. But this is where we come up against the enforcer problem – that is, he isn’t one. The former Cardinal Ratzinger had to enforce things, in his job monitoring doctrinal orthodoxy, but as Pope Benedict he shied away from arm-twisting. This has allowed bishops, including those in England and Wales, to ignore any of his innovations that don’t take their fancy. Fortunately, young Catholics are so sick of the cod folk-wailing of “worship leaders” that Benedict’s restoration of beauty is being implemented quietly, from the ground up.
'So sick' is an understatement.

The 85-year-old Pope and millions of young Catholics are far more of one mind on the subject of liturgy than many of the bishops and priests in the Church who are still living in the 1970s and playing catch-up. A remarkable thing. Again, it's noteworthy that, while many U.S. bishops, via the USCCB, spend much their time and capital rehashing dry political talking points about immigration reform, gun control, and 'openness,' the Pope is using the majority of his final public addresses focusing on in-house matters: reiterating the true nature of the Second Vatican Council, calling out the egregious abuses committed in the name of that Council, condemning the divisions from within the Church. Outside of a small handful, when do you hear any prominent American bishop talking about these things?

The 'task' continues.

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