Thursday, June 07, 2012

Liberal Nuns in Wisconsin

From Entitlement Mentality Monitor:
Almost 400 Nun Signatures Found On Scott Walker Recall Petition

At least 392 nuns participated in the left’s effort to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. These Catholic gals are supposed to be pro-life and embrace traditional moral values. As a group, they seem intent on replacing the pro-life Walker with a pro-abort/pro-gay marriage secular humanist. I guess the “social justice” sisters support lefty Democrats because they have confused nanny state socialism with charity. Leftist claptrap psychobabble (think radical feminism/”gay equality”/moral relativism ETC) likely also holds a lot of appeal to them. Someone please explain to them that socialism A) doesn’t work B) involves forcible theft of the fruit of citizens’ labor B) requires surrendering liberty to secular statist central planners and C) can only be enforced by a tyranny.

Hundreds of nuns supported the recall of Wisconsin's most pro-life, pro-traditional marriage governor ever. So yes, charges of radical liberalism in women religious orders in the United States are completely unfounded. Sure.

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