Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's about theology

Saint Clare of Assisi, a model for religious

From Tim Stanley, writing for the Telegraph:
It’s tempting to see the nuns vs Vatican story through the prism of gender politics. ... From the nuns' perspective, it’s frustrating that the Church’s teachings on social justice are being subordinated to an obsession with patriarchal orthodoxy.

But this row is about theology, not identity politics. The Catholic Church is one of the few institutions left in the West that simply cannot change. Its theology is like a delicate spider’s web: remove one strand and the entire structure would collapse. It can’t be done. ...

In short, the Catholic Church cannot change and it cannot indulge rumours of past error. Arguably, it doesn’t have to because it has never been proven theologically wrong.

If this is obvious to a layman, then why do the American nuns persist with their theological innovation? Alas, the answer is that some of them simply aren’t very Catholic. Or, at least, their Catholicity takes a second place to their political liberalism.

RIGHT ON THE MONEY. Listen to the video a few posts down and it's hard to arrive at a different conclusion.

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