Monday, August 05, 2013

Sports Scandals and a Perverse Culture

 Brewers Star Ryan Braun is just one case among many

Can anyone answer the following headline?

Lying, cheating and murder charges: Why sports scandals have no real impact

I would venture to say that, living under the "dictatorship of relativism," lying, cheating and, with the example of abortion on demand, murder cease to faze many Americans. Of course, you're not going to find that charge in any mainstream media story. But is it disputable?

Our culture is so coarsened, so sick, that once-common moral ills no longer phase us. We have people like Bill Clinton to thank. Here's a man who perjured himself while president and is now viewed as a wise, elder statesman by much of the public.

With the case of Ryan Braun, it was not so much his abuse of performance enhancing drugs that I found so offensive, but the lies. Make a mistake, come clean, reform. But Braun bent over backwards to dramatize his situation, lacing a now-embarrassing press conference with one lie after another. In the immediate aftermath, the public is rightly outraged, but I doubt it will stick. Our culture is accustomed to lies simply because so many people think that lying is really not a big deal. Someone lies, we shrug our shoulders. If a president can do it and live to see another day in office, what's to stop anyone, anywhere from doing it? The only real sin is getting caught.

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