Monday, October 10, 2011

Defending Columbus

The Landing

Father John A. Hardon S.J., wrote a powerful defense of the great explorer, Christopher Columbus. Sadly, it is all too common today to hear and read unwarranted attacks on Columbus by the minions of political correctness. He was European, he was Catholic, he was self-assured and he introduced the faith to the allegedly pure and pristine New World, so he must be suspect. Here's an excerpt from the article.
There are those who say that Christopher Columbus died a saint. Certainly the sufferings he experienced, especially from those to whom he was most devoted, chastened his heart and brought him close to God before he entered eternity. One thing we can say: his phenomenal career on earth was a heroic response to a sublime vocation. He was the destined herald of the true faith to half of the human race.

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