Friday, September 16, 2011

Venetian Life

Here's a charming piece by Christopher Howse on a beautiful Catholic tradition in Venice. Appearing in the Telegraph, it serves as a great reminder of the select countries in the world that have centuries of Catholic history, traditions and culture backing them up.
A phalanx of Venetians advanced over the bridge of boats, their red, blue and black umbrellas raised against a passing shower. From the far side of the Grand Canal they looked like a testudo, the ancient Roman military formation for storming a gateway under a shelter of shields.

The good-natured jostling crowd was set on one target – to visit the monumental domed church of the Salute on its great annual feast on November 21. It was for this that the temporary bridge had been set up, as it has been each year since 1631, when Venice was freed from a plague.

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