Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Good morning America!

The good news is obvious: Nancy Pelosi, the unbearable cat's-paw of the president, was resoundingly fired last night. I watched her give a pep talk earlier in the evening. She came across as delirious, twitchy, nervous, defensive and unconvincingly sure of herself. She knew what was coming. You could see it in her face and in her awkward arm flailing.

Beyond that, there are more reasons to celebrate yesterday's results:

- The historic Republican gains in the House of Representatives,

- ObamaCare will no doubt be sabotaged by Boehner and company through ingenious legislative tricks, until, of course, a Republican prez. (or the Supreme Court) delivers the coup de grĂ¢ce to the abominable law,

- Marco Rubio is Florida's senator-elect (He will soar from now on.),

- Arch-liberal Russ Feingold of Wisconsin went down in flames to the Tea Party's wrath (a particularly sweet victory for yours truly),

- The newly christened Republican governors and state legislatures in formerly Democratic strongholds in the Midwest and elsewhere will translate into redistricting procedures that will highly favor Republicans in Congress, up to 16 GOP seats, I read somewhere. This is huge.

- The severely hobbled Democratic majority in the Senate (they will be virtually impotent from now on),

- The unmistakable rebuke to the most conspicuous narcissus in the political world, Barack Obama (who suffered the ultimate humiliation of seeing his former senate seat overtaken by a Republican). It will be interesting to see how he will explain his embarrassment at today's press conference.

- Republicans appear to be reading their mandate appropriately, with a sense of humility as to themselves and to lessons learned, and ferocity as to prepping to engage the president's agenda.

There were some bitter pills from the evening:

- Barbara Boxer, dumb, shrill and prissy Barbara Boxer, is still a senator from California, demonstrating that the bluest of blue states is incurable in terms of its attachment to irrational uber-liberalism. In any other state, a candidate as attractive as Carly Fiorina would have won by a huge majority. She would have been a star in the senate and a jewel for conservatism, but alas, it's California, the land of... oh yes, fruits and nuts, or something. At least Boxer was given a good scare, for once in her political life.

- Harry Reid, while roughed up, remains. This is also a tough one to swallow. I truly thought Angle was going to topple him, and that the sad man would be history. Nevada, what were you thinking?

All in all, Conservatives are standing tall today.

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